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Working Papers

  1. Can Gender Quotas Improve Public Service Provision? Evidence from Indian Local Government (with Alexander Lee) (Revise & Resubmit at Comparative Political Studies) [Paper] (Winner of Best Paper in Urban or Regional Politics – 2021 APSA)
  2. Politicians, Bureaucrats, and the Battle for Credit (Under Review) (with Emiel Awad and Lawrence Rothenberg) [Paper]
  3. Skewed Scales of Justice: The Indian Supreme Court
  4. Gender Quotas and Electoral Accountability (with Zuheir Desai and Sergio Montero)


  1. Give or Take: Legislator Trade-off in India (with Zuheir Desai)
  2. Long Term Consequences of Gender Quotas in India, (with Priyadarshi Amar and Sudhir K Singh)
  3. Urban Policing in India (_with Priyadarshi Amar
  4. Disruptions in the Lok Sabha (with Zuheir Desai and Alexander Lee)

Policy Writing

  1. Impact of Fourteenth Finance Commission: Karnataka Budget, 2015–16 (with Pranay Kotasthane) Economic & Political Weekly 50 (46-47), 16-20, 2016. [Paper]

  2. Karnataka’s Changing Fiscal Landscape (with Pranay Kotasthane) Economic & Political Weekly 51 (33), 21, 2015. [Paper]