1. Do gender quotas hurt less privileged groups? Evidence from India (with Alexander Lee). Forthcoming, American Journal of Political Science. PDF.

Working Papers

  1. Gender Quotas and Upward Political Mobility in India. PDF.
  2. Gender Quotas and Politician Performance in Indian Local Government (with Alexander Lee)


  1. Give or Take: Legislator Trade-off in India (with Zuheir Desai)
  2. Ideology in the Indian Supreme Court
  3. Scapegoating (with Emiel Awad and Lawrence Rothenberg)
  4. Policing Urban India (with Priyadarshi Amar)

Policy Writing

  1. Impact of Fourteenth Finance Commission: Karnataka Budget, 2015–16 (with Pranay Kotasthane) Economic & Political Weekly 50 (46-47), 16-20, 2016. PDF .

  2. Karnataka’s Changing Fiscal Landscape (with Pranay Kotasthane) Economic & Political Weekly 51 (33), 21, 2015. PDF .